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Christmas Tree Lighting Event

The Charity Committee at Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited have organised a 6m Christmas Tree to be set up opposite Regal House in the corner below the American Memorial Steps.

Argus Insurance is  funding the Christmas Tree and Decorations and have raised funds for Charity by  asking companies in the vicinity to donate to the charities in exchange for their logo to be included on the banner around  the tree.

There will be a tree lighting event on 6th December 2017 at 6.00pm  when the Choir from Governors Meadow First School will sing carols, and there will be  dancing by the Mediterranean Dance Group.  We shall be asking one of the children from the school to switch on the lights.

Nick Barrett, Chairperson of the Argus Insurance Charity Committee said “It is important for us as a local insurer to be able to raise funds for local charities, particularly at this time of year.  We’re really grateful to our corporate sponsors who have been so generous again this year, following the success of our first Christmas Tree Lighting event last year.”

 The whole of the funds raised will go to the following three charities:

  • Wobbles
  • RICC    (Research Into Childhood Cancer)
  • GBC Open Day

Argus Insurance wants to thank all the contributors namely:

MB Development Company Limited
Baker Tilly
Mark Galliano
La Pampa
Lincoln Red Imps FC

Wobbles Children’s Charity:
As a children’s charity Wobbles Children’s Charity aims to raise funds to help children with disabilities.

Research into Childhood Cancer:
Research into Childhood Cancer (RICC) is a Gibraltar based charity, no.49, whose principle aims are to contribute to the development of a cure for childhood cancer and to ensure that the treatment administered is progressively less invasive.

GBC Open Day:
The GBC Open Charitable Trust day is fund-raising initiative focused on assisting locally-registered charities with their projects.